January 08, 2009

Collective Amnesia and The Gaza Ghetto

With much of the media joining in the creation of a collective amnesia by blaming Hamas rockets for the brutal assault on the Palestinian people its easy to forget that the land, which used to be southern Palestine, that the rockets have falling upon is the same land many of the people now forced to live in Gaza where ethnically cleansed from when Israel was established in 1948. - Its easy to forget the mass dispossession of a whole people, the destruction of property, the creation of refugee camps, the multiple Israeli violations of UN security council resolutions and the Geneva conventions, the continued land clearances and occupations, the routine assassinations, the holding of political prisoners, the creation of walls and the enforced starvation; in effect the creation of the Gaza Ghetto.

Will it also be so easy to forget the total extinction of an indigenous people – the Israeli final solution to the Palestinian problem.

This member of WAB will be donning my keffiyeh and getting stuck in down the Israeli embassy on Saturday (10/1/2009).

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