January 26, 2008

Sean has been writing and I’m putting it up here in case some yuppie wankers are reading then they’ll know what’s fucking coming….ha ha ha, love Baz.

Alright Barry my old son, how;s it goin?
Well, looks like I’m comin out Friday.
Thank you for letting me know whats been happening, I aint happy I’ll tell you that, it aint on.
Anyway when I saw all the smoke the other week making the sky all black it gladdened my heart Barry I’m telling you cos I thought yeah, some fuckers doin something, some fuckers AINT TAKIN THIS LYING DOWN!! And I thought, well done Baz cos I was sure it must have someming to do with you, but then it turned out to be some empty factory on fire and not them bloody yuppie flats at all so what I’m saying to you Baz is lets get it sorted, lets meet and have a walk round when I get back AND SEE WHAT IS TO BE DONE.


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