January 22, 2008


You are bad too. Our bodies are on the verge of being paced under a new order. A new battleground is emerging and the front lines are your subcutaneous fat and mucous membranes. We will be cyborgs, machines of loving grace, able to boot up and download every wish. Making bliss states our normal waking consciousness, becoming the bionic angel.

Donna Harraway urges a new sense of realization about our cyborg condition, recognizing the new daily sphere of human-machine interface not only as a product of power relations but also as a potential site for contesting and redefining those relations. She proposes cyborgization as an imaginative myth and resource for women who are socialized away from technology and yet are most often the principal victims of it.

But we must be aware, haven’t they always wanted what’s best for us?
What is being promised to us are the limitless dreams of technology, the ultimate fulfilment of our desires. But while access to our virtual desires have already been halted with the entrance fee of Linden dollars, military progress has developed a fully integrated second order cyborg.

The unstoppable rise of elective plastic surgery is breaking down the psychological boundaries of our bodies, and once we open up ourselves, arch our backs and thrust our sagging flesh further towards the knife there will be no going back. Capitalism will invade and take control over our flesh, our synapses, our optic nerve, our auditory senses, our pancreas, our rectum and our pituitary.

The body is on the verge of being placed under new management, and like all exterior
cultural phenomenon,it will be made to function instrumentally so that it may better fulfill the imperatives of pancapitalism (production, consumption, and order). Currently, pancapitalist power vectors’ attempts to inscribe these imperatives directly onto the code of the flesh are initiating a new wave of eugenics. Under this new bio-regime, physical perfection will be defined by an individual’s ability to separate he/rself from nonrational motivation and emergent desires, thus increasing he/r potential devotion to varieties of political-economic service to perpetuate the pancapitalist dynasty.

We will become post-human but not as we meant it. We are Bad, and they are currently making us better.

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