February 12, 2008

Just in case any of my loyal fans out there are wondering where i am, i'm happy to let you know that i aint been banged up, infact i've been down Stratford in me brothers lock up doin a bit off the old painting! Painting as in Art i'll ave you know not bleedin decoratin! It was Sean an is carryin on with that hatchet faced screw that drove me out of the gaff, an when i wanna bit of peace and quiet i go and do a bit of the old painting, calms me nerves right down. That's how it started as it goes, when i was inside, started the class just to drag out association time really, i mean i always liked drawing and that but i never thought i was gonna make money bein an artist..so i starts this class and fuck me i really loved it! I start doin these classes once a week an i start painting, this is about 11 years ago an it went on from there, now i'm workin on these massive fuck off canvases. I've put a picture here of one of me HQ paintings. if you like it you can commision me to do soem more but i aint jokin you better have a fucking fat wallet.
More on the Sean saga very soon, it aint nice i'm telling yer....
tell yuo what else i'm fucking sick of, these moaning old bastards on the estate complaining about me fucking Minder records, i wouldn't mind but that bastard drives me fucking mental playing all that weird experimental shit all the time that sounds like out of time drumming and weird clanks and squawks.
as i told yer before i got me own page on myspace so you can check me out on there, if you don't like it fair enough but there's soem good West Ham stuff and a nice comment form that cunt Jeremy Kyle.

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