February 24, 2008

SPECIAL DOUBLE EPISODE!!!!!BAZ is BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sean gets dragged to Working Links by that orrible bird of his, GAYNOR.

I'm fucking sick of it mate i tell you.
Seans here, still. he aint goin nowhere, him an that orrible Gaynor or whatever she's called. Anyway, she comes over sometimes late, about three in the morning, sometimes dead early, just waltzes in ere, that daft barstard minted her a key, whaT a fucking mug.She walks in, puts the bleedin tv on to watch that cunt Kyle or whatever other miserable kangaroo court/freakshow they've got on ITV1, sits there with a nescafe, from MY JAR and smokes a lambert and butler and acts like its her GAFF!!!!
Where's Sean she said once just strolling in while i was sitting havin me breakfast readin the paper. In bed probably i said, it's 8 o clock in the mornin you know he aint an early riser. So she marches into his room, pulls the covers off him, i hear all this shoutin and commotion and then he's standin there all bleary eyed with his hair all over the place. make him a coffee Barry please she says. Whatcho doin to im? I demand to know cos thats my mate Sean she's makin a right mug of. He's starting his training today, at Working Links, i want him there at 9 on the dot looking smart.
You see Sean, what did i bleedin tell you?????!!!!!!!!!!!
to be continued.............


Right so Gaynor's round our gaff, that fucking screw, she's just hauled Sean out of his blow up mattress, screamed all these commands and frogmarched him into the kitchen looking like a righHT MUG!!! So she says he's got an appointment at working links.... Now i'm tellin you, i got some experience of those cunts, the whole things a boot camp, American workfare shit, ie work for fuck all but the seats are in nice 'funky' colours so yuo don't get upset about it! Now i've done some daft things in me time, Sean an' all, but neither of us are completely fucking stupid. I used to like the dole office better when it was them sour faced bastards behind metal grilles, you knew where you stood with them, you hated them, they hated you, something like the way it was with Thatcher. In comes Blair an its all 'yeah i'm gonna be a right nasty cunt but i still want you to like me...'all pleading and wheedling and suddenly all the dole offices are in these open plan offices done out like estate agents with these orrible chairs covered in orange and turqoise material. Its to make you think they're alright, so you don't kick off ..
It has been brought to my attention that sean might actually benefit from this humilaition, i say come round ere mate and meet im yourself and tell me what good all this workfare nonsense is gonna do him, for a start when would he have time do run is businesses etc?
So anyway, this Gaynor is insisting Sean goes on this fucking course an i just kick off. DON"T COME IN MY FUCKING HOUSE LAYING THE FUCKING LAW DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she looks at me with these orrible cold fish eyes and says, don't make an enemy of me Barry, i'm warning you.
So i just stares at her,by now my face feels like its gonna explode and and she's got old of Sean an she's marching him out the gaff. this is fucking unbelievable. So there's nothing else for it, i grab me coat and go after em....

find out what happens in the new Kingsland road branch of Working Links in the next episode.

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