April 02, 2008

We Are Bad – Bronze Graffiti

Recognising the high art status of graffiti the We Are Bad Collective have had the letters cut from their stencils cast in Bronze. These Bronze Graffiti plaques reading, “WE ARE BAD – PLEASE KEEP AN EYE ON US”, have been cast with polished text on a green Patina background.

A spokesperson from the We Are Bad Collective said, “Given the recuperation of Graffiti into a fine art category, and in recognition of its roll as public art, we thought it only fitting that graffiti artists should start using materials that reflect its new found status”.

On the 2nd April 2008 30 Bronze Graffiti plaques where attached to CCTV camera posts in various London locations.

eBayers and Treasure hunters be warned the WAB Collectives love of the drift means we have placed these plaques in some of the most obscure London locations, (non in Shordich).

Take a drift through the hinterlands!!!! Happy Hunting…..