December 10, 2008


A lot of you have probably read about this by now. More on the story here, and here.It seems as if the IWF have some sort of clout, even though they only have a few members of staff. Apparently, they only have four full time "researchers" who asess the URLs sent in by the public -sniffing out obscenity. This is really a crying shame, just think of how much stuff they must miss. But it does mean that should we, the internet public, took our responsibilities seriously and reported all that we should for the protection of others, they simply don't have the manpower to cope. This is scandalous.

So I recommend that if you should see anything -anything- that could, even possibly be thought to maybe deprave and corrupt, please report it to them. If you see anything else, report it too. It's our duty.

incidentally, my views on child porn are here.

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