February 12, 2008

ASBO Barry.

Have ad anoughth a that Barry fucking Squiggins. Friday Night, right, I have to crash out early to be on market for 6.30am to set up fruit an veg stall. Any way abart 2am I hears all this shouting. Its Barry and his Mate and some lasses they’ve pick up, coming back from boozer. Sharting at someone all way darn street till they get on estate.

Am just nodding of again an music starts. Am abart 4 floors darn from barry but theres a concreat beem that runs streght darn block bringing all noise wi it. A try to egnor it cos a now its Friday night an its only unlucky sods like me who’s got t be up early on a Saturday morning. But on and on it went. - Final straw came at 4.30am when he stuck that fucking Denis Waterman track, ‘I Should Be So Good To You’, on full blast, and tha could hear him singing it t’ lasses head brought hom.

So a went up there an politely ask em to turn it darn a bit. You cunt believe abuse a got. Lasses were werst. ‘Why dunt you just fack off’.

Any way av ad enough and am writing to you nice people at We Are Bad to help me get an ASBO out on Barry. If you can all print off the ASBO log av attached keep a log of what barry gets upto and send it to HackneyHomes, and maybe we can put a stop to this Anti Social Thug.


Local Resident

1 comment:

Barry Squiggins said...

Shat it up you moaningoldcunt!!!!!
i ave to lsiten to all them fucking sqeaks and squawks and fucking high pitched radio signals and pointless fucking bleeps and clangs and ON TOP OF THAT put up with YOU poncing around like a right bleedin ponce with a megaphone on the estate. Infact i was in one of your films once on Amhurst road remember, outside Mess Cafe? I think you remember what i siad. Now GIVE iT uP you liTTle cunT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!