February 08, 2008

London drift: Victoria to Bethnal Green.

Robbo came to meet me after work yesterday. We were wandering through some peabody estates behind Victoria station when we encountered the work of some of our acolytes; the We are Bad retard head was chalked all over the courtyards and alleyways of SW1!
We decided to follow the trail. It took us on a convoluted route through Westminster, along the embankment, through the maze of side streets on Ludgate Hill, on past the Barbican and through Smithfield. At Smithfield we stopped for a cup of tea at the 24 hour caf then returned to the search.
The graffitied pavements led us on through the Golden lane estate, Whitecross street and Bunhill fields. We found a proliferation of glyphs round the Foundry on great eastern street. From here the symbols were accompanied by increasingly aggressive text culminating with the particularly brutal defacement of a bollard in Horatio street, E2.
From here the trail could not be followed.

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