January 31, 2008

Sean's back! Told you, Friday, he's comin back to the Wick to reclaim his territory so all you yuppie wankers start barricadin your horrible gaffs!!!!

After a long wait hanging about in that miserable shithole Thamesmead i get to pick up Sean at Belamarsh. he aint happy when i get there cos they released him early and i weren't there but i hardly think that was my fault. So sean starts giving me aggro on the way back here and i just say listen Sean, don't fucking start yuo're forgettin what we're really here for mate and we get out of the motor and have a walk round hackney wick what was, at one time, our real fucking stomping ground. and i say you won't fuckin believe this Sean mate , wait til you see this lot.
So we have a stroll round and Sean's acting a bit hyper, a bit breathless like an asthmatic on a marathon and he's asking me where all the fridge mountains and sacrapyards and cafs in caravans have gone. And i say, ask them pointing up at all these fucking yuppiedromes that have sprung up everywhere like mushrooms in a fucking shit heap.
I see Seans face and i don't like it, its black as thunder and i know he aint happy, and when he gets like that well, thats what put him in Belmasrsh in the first place aint it. So then he goes quiet and then suddenly he makes me jump out of me fucking skin cos he's screamin top of his fucking lungs.....I AINT HAVIN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so yeah, sean's back, so keep tuned in if you wanna know what he's getting up to now he's OUT

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